About us

Springchild Productions is a young film production company based in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The Springchild-team aims to inspire and entertain national and international audiences with exeptional films. An other focus lies on the production of one-of-a-kind music videos and commercials.


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Delia Gyger

Delia Gyger is a filmmaker, screenwriter and trained actress with a substantial background on stage and screen. She studied at Athanor Akademy of Dramatic Arts in Germany and the New York Film Academy in the USA. Her work has already taken her to North America, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden.

She started developing short stories and audio books as a teenager and took up screenwriting in 2013, which has quickly become a huge passion of hers.

The shortfilm "Socius", which was funded by the Film Workshop of the North German Film Foundation, is the first project in which she combined her talents in acting, directing, screenwriting and producing.


Find out more about her on www.delia-gyger.com.

Also on board

While studying communication and media engineering, Helge Bebensee worked professionally as a director, DP, production manager and more. He produced several projects for e.g. the Hamburg State Opera and World Cultural Heritage Ruhrgebiet in 2010. Last working as production manager on the documentary „Kleine Graue Wolke“ by Frog Motion.

Francisco Medina comes from a theatre family and is an actor, director and producer with extensive experience in film, TV and on stage. He studied at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock and has been awarded the Max-Reinhardt-award among others.  More about him on www.franciscomedina.tv.

Lars Ringdal is a producer and in charge of project coordination and communication with our Scandinavian co-productions.

He is based in Aarhus, DK where he has also been the artistic director and manager of Café Kølbert,Denmark's biggest travelling comedy theatre.

All our team members are also available for freelance work on their respective fields of expertise. We look forward to hearing from you.

People we love working with

We've been lucky enough to collaborate with many talented and creative souls and can highly recommend working with them:

SHOWREELHAMBURG - Showreels, Short Casts, Photography and Coaching


Alexander Resch is a camera operator, photographer, director and an expert in the field of self-marketing for actors. If you want to stick out from the big masses of the acting world, or if you need a kick-ass DoP, this is your guy. 


http://showreelhamburg.de/  and  http://resch-isseur.de/


HYGIN GRAPHIX - Individual covers, illustrations, merch-design & more


Ben is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. If you are looking for a professionally designed artwork for your DVD or CD cover, a movie poster or your book, look no further than Hygin Graphix. With over 14 years of professional experience Ben delivers quality work from the first draft to the final print version.