Welcome to Springchild Productions!



Pre-production has started on two new projects. We are excited to be co-producing the documentary "Before they act" in collaboration with Italian film production comany First Child Productions.

Also, we will be producing the shortfilm "Tendencies" this autumn/winter (written and directed by Delia Gyger). All information and updates will be available here.


We are very happy to announce that our shortfilm "Socius", which was in parts funded by the Filmworkshop Kiel of the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, is now completed! A big thank you to our cast and crew for their amazing work! We look forward to the first screenings and will keep you posted on any updates here.


Here we go! Our first commercial, that we co-produced with showreelhamburg for the Hamburg brewery Wildwuchs is now released and online! Watch it now here or on our facebook page.


We kicked off filming on two productions last week. First, we had the great pleasure to produce our first commercial for a fabulous Hamburg beer brand together with showreelhamburg. Then, we filmed "Kick My Habits", a new narrative short film about breaking out of your routine.


We produced a live music video for the folk band Versengold. Now available on YouTube, or watch it right here on our page.


For the second time, "Young Nordic Film Link" invited young filmmakers from Denmark, Norway and Germany to the Nordic Filmdays Lübeck. One of them was our own Delia Gyger. In Lübeck, the young talent could find partners for their projects and connect with the film industry of North Europe. Young Nordic Film Link is an initiative by Screen Talent Europe, the Filmworkshop Kiel (FFHSH) with Østnorsk Filmsenter in Lillehammer and is also supported by the filmworkshops Aarhus Filmværksted and Odense Filmværksted.

Foto: Berit Mölleken


With a team of seven operators and ten cameras we filmed the over two-hours-long concert of Versengold last weekend in the sold-out Grünspan in Hamburg. Now we are going into post-production, the DVD featuring the concert and bonus material is to be released in autumn 2016.


There is now a first official teaser for our narrative short film "Socius" on YouTube.


Today, the music video "Hoch die Krüge" that we produced for the German folk band Versengold is exclusively released today on MUZU.tv. Check it out!
Shortly after, the video will hit all the usual big download and streaming portals online.

"Hoch die Krüge" is the band's first single from their new album Zeitlos which will be released at the end of July 2016.


Our narrative short film Das Tor zur Welt was selected for the Berlin Short Film Festival 2015! We are excited about this honour and wish to thank the festival committee for choosing us.

The Berlin Short Film Festival takes place from 2. to 6. July 2015 at the BABYLON Cinema in Berlin Mitte. Information and tickets for the festival are available here.


This week, we had the great pleasure of filming a music video for the German folk band Versengold.
Together with a fantastic team of 37 heroes we rocked the nordic hinderlands of Cuxhaven, and are now looking forward to showing you the results. Stay tuned!


Springchild Productions officially joined Facebook! Pay us a visit at  www.facebook.com/springchildproductions, give us a "like" and never miss out on any updates regarding our productions again. We look forward to welcoming you there!


Principal photography on Socius kicked off. The film, that has been granted federal funds by the Filmworkshop of the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, is filmed at Studio Hamburg as well as on location in Hamburg-Harburg and St. Pauli.  We are thrilled to have a powerful crew on board as well as a stellar cast with such actors as Francisco Medina, Kai Lentrodt, Tobias Schenke, Verena Wolfien and Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey. Written and directed by Delia Gyger.


The committee of the Filmworkshop of the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein has granted federal funding for our shortfilm "Socius" (written by Delia Gyger). We are truly happy and grateful for their support and trust. Find out more on the official website of FFHSH. "Socius" will be filmed in January 2015 in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark. For further information on the project, please visit this page here.

CFS-Screening of "Das Tor zur Welt" at IKFF Hamburg 2014


After an exciting production and post-production, the official premiere the shortfilm "Das Tor zur Welt" (The Gateway to the World) took place. 

The film was screened in front of industry guests and the public at the Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival. Before the screening, filmmakers Delia Gyger, Alexander Resch and Denis Rubbert were honored for winning the "Crowd for Shorts"-Competition 2013/14 by the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, the ShortFilmAgency and the Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft.